We believe that every single product invented by human ingenuity – be it an object for $4 or $4M – needs to become precious through extraordinary design.


Zeisner Design is a design studio working across multiple industries focusing on Product, Home & Interior Design. Their work has been featured in international media.

Daniel Zeisner

Daniel Zeisner, Managing & Creative Director, started his career in the automotive industry, and later refined his passion to bringing out the beauty in product design. For over 10 years, he has created crystal lighting, marble furniture, user-centric products of every industry and fashionable luxury accessories. A recent field of activity is Retail Design including developing a design story, the furniture and branded packaging.

He designs products and interiors for leading international companies such as Swarovski, Siemens, Villeroy & Boch, Turkish Airlines, DO & CO, Nespresso, Sola Switzerland and Huawei. His vision, superior skills and deep cultural understanding facilitate intelligent partnerships.

Additionally, Daniel Zeisner teaches product and furniture design at the Design University in Salzburg with a focus on new technologies and ecologically sustainable products.

He speaks German, English, French and Italian and is experienced with working in multinational set-ups.


丹尼尔•蔡斯纳的职业生涯始于汽车工业设计,这段经历提升了他对产品设计美感的巨大热情。 十多年来,他设计了大量水晶灯饰,大理石家具,各类以用户为中心的工业产品和时尚奢华的配饰。 近期他的设计领域转向包含故事板拓展的零售设计,以及室内家具和照明的优化方案。。



Hannah Katzlberger

Hannah is a very talented young professional. She has a master’s degree from the University for Applied Science Joanneum and is experienced in designing tableware, packaging as well as products.
Her speciality are innovative functional solutions that result in fresh, new shapes. Besides, she is now studying at the University of Applied Arts again where she is experimenting with different materials.