PJU Smart Running Lamp


For the Start-Up PJU, we have designed a running lamp perfectly integrating two safety functions, namely a strobe light and a siren, to efficiently and quickly put attackers on the run or to attract attention in case of a fall.

The main target group are women, so we gave the device a neat but discreetly ornamental look. The colors also emphasize the feminine character with the main element in dark chrome and contrasting color in pink or green. The chromed element underlines the value and the high-tech features of the lamp.

For the carrier construction we especially considered the ergonomic aspects and worked with new materials like Spandex instead of rubber. Some parts have also been laser cut in a special shape to provide perfect comfort and stability when worn with or without a jacket.

During the design phase, we also worked together with our developing partners in Germany to reduce the size of the housing. Both stages, with extra resonance body and final – with integrated one we present you below in renderings and early prototypes.